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      HES series intelligent long life extra high torque same direction duo axes gearbox

      2019-06-14 13:42:29

      Model Number

      Center distance range a (mm)

      Uniaxial output torque T2 (Nm)

      Torque coefficient f (Nm/cm3)





      Application factor KA=1.25

      HES series extra high torque gearbox is an advanced design concept and method for 75 parallel twin screw extruders. This product has novel and beautiful appearance, compact structure, low noise index, strong bearing capacity, high transmission efficiency and little oil leakage probability. The biggest two advantages, one is the design life of the main parts is more than 100,000 hours; Second, its carrying capacity is equal to that of similar products of German counterparts, reaching 18Nm/cm cubed. It is the coaxial flat double gear box with the highest torque grade independently developed in China, and it is a cost-effective product to replace imported gear boxes.


      Application is the world's most advanced Internet
      technology monitoring data collection analysis system, like "24 hours electrocardiogram (ecg)", the gear box can be real-time monitoring and found abnormal and warn the user in the first time, facilitate our decades of gear box application experience to share in the fastest time to end users, to make proper disposal right, technically to ensure that the "retail" infinitely close to the ideal goal of, also can greatly reduce customer complaints, increase the user's purchasing and good experience to lead.


      Enclosure structure is adopted in the design of a new
      compound fission structure, both the function of absorb noise, adopts the high quality cast iron, and adequately aging treatment, the application of advanced nc machining technology, so as to ensure the high precision and accuracy of box can keep sex, guarantee housing life can reach more than 100000 hours. In case of failure of gearbox, it is easy to disassemble and overhaul, which completely solves the problem of inconvenient disassembling and assembling of SJY series, making this series of products more suitable for global application.


      The geometric parameters of the gear are optimized by
      multi-objective design, and the maximum aspect ratio reaches 2.5, and the maximum total gear coincidence degree reaches more than 3.5. Gear materials are made of high quality low carbon alloy steel 18crnimo7-6 (EN10084) in accordance with European standards. After carburizing and quenching, the tooth surface hardness reaches hrc58-62. After the tooth surface is precisely ground, the precision can reach level 5 (GB/ t10095.1-2008), and aided by the precise topological micro-shaping technology, the full tooth width contact can be achieved when the full load, improving the material utilization rate, so as to achieve more stable gear engagement, higher bearing capacity and very low noise. According to the aviation industry shot peening standard, fine control shot peening parameters, the gear is shot peening treatment, the application of this process of gear, its surface will form a large residual compressive stress, make the gear fatigue limit life higher, for more than 100,000 hours of life to add another insurance.


      We choose the bearings of famous brands at home and abroad and emphasize the stability of suppliers, so that the life of all the bearings is over 100,000 hours.


      Advanced synthetic lubricating oil can be used as the lubrication guarantee, which eliminates the trouble of changing lubricating oil and saves resources to ensure the design life of gears and bearings.

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